Borehamwood Physio Clinic | Shockwave


This is a non-invasive treatment that harnesses the healing effect of acoustic (Shock) waves. The shockwaves stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms to facilitate the repair of the damaged tissue. It also breaks down calcifications, as well as initiating increased blood circulation to the area which in turn accelerates the body’s own healing processes. A number of studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in treating chronic musculo-skeletal problems that have failed usual treatment methods.

What conditions can be treated with shockwave therapy?
  • Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)
  • Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Patellar Tendinopathy (Jumpers Knee)
  • Buttock Pain (Hamstrings Tendinopathy)
  • Hip Pain (Gluteal Tendinopathy)
  • Groin Pain (Osteitis Pubis)
  • Shin Splints (Medial tibial stress syndrome)
  • Knee Pain (Osteoarthritis)
  • Morton's Neuroma
  • Muscle Spasticity and Dystonia
  • Shoulder Pain (Calcific Tendinopathy)
  • Frozen Shoulder


Shockwave therapy treatment is a highly effective second-line treatment for patients who fail to respond to appropriate physiotherapy. The success rate of shockwave therapy is around 70-80%, depending on the specific condition.

It is a non-invasive treatment and it requires no special preparation, does not require time off work and is very well tolerated by most patients.

There is no risk of infection from wound complications and the procedure is considered completely safe, with potentially huge benefits.


Your therapist will locate the painful area by palpation and then apply a contact gel before administering the shockwaves. The procedure is non-invasive and very safe, but can be slightly uncomfortable due to its main mechanism of action. Significant clinical benefits are often seen in the first 6 weeks after last treatment and further improvement can be expected in the next 2 months.


Borehamwood Patients have access to Shockwave at the Physio Academy Hemel Clinic

Not all shockwave treatments and machines are the same. We use radial shockwave therapy using the latest Swiss STORZ machine. This machine has a huge evidence base, unlike some other machines that are available.

All patients having shockwave treatment will be provided with a structured rehabilitation programme as part of their treatment. Clear instructions for post treatment protocols will be provided by your treating clinician.

We have huge experience of using this novel treatment in patients with chronic conditions, that have failed to improve with other treatment methods.


For self-funding patients, treatment costs £400 for 4 sessions (Normally £150 per session). A normal course of treatment will usually consist of four sessions. More sessions could be considered for chronic conditions.

If you have private medical insurance this treatment may not be covered for your specific condition, please always check with your insurance company or discuss with your treating clinician first.